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Lumagen Vision DVI Scaler

Lumagen Vision Scaler - Front View The Vision DVI™ Video Processor provides exceptional deinterlacing and scaling. Unlike many video processors which are limited to a single, or a few, output resolutions, it allows output timing to be precisely tuned to the projector's, or High-Definition Television's (HDTV), optimal configuration.

Most displays provide a pretty good picture for high-definition sources, but they often fall short for standard definition (SDTV) sources. The Vision DVI Video Processor corrects this shortcoming and makes SDTV sources look great on these displays.

The deinterlacer converts interlaced video input to progressive video using four input fields to determine the contents of each frame. For progressive material, the original frames are reassembled using 3:2, or 2:2, pull-down reconstruction. For video material, interlaced-video artifacts are detected on a per-pixel basis. Using the result of this artifact detection, the source pixels are merged, or blended, into the best possible progressive image.

Proprietary detail-enhancing algorithms are used to scale the progressive video to the optimal resolution. The video is over-sampled to enhance the image quality. Video oversampling provides the same benefit that audio oversampling does for CDs. That is, it produces the most-accurate reproduction of the video signal possible.

For the ever expanding range of HDMI and DVI sources the Vision DVI is equipped with two fully HDCP compliant DVI inputs allowing a completely digital pathway from source to display.

When processing is completed, the digital video can be output via DVI port at the optimal resolution and refresh rate of your display, up to a maximum of 768P@60Hz. If your display is not digital capable then the optional analogue output can be enabled for full compatability.

Progressive output is supported from 480p to 768p in scanline increments, at up to 120 Hertz(dependant on resolution). Interlaced output is supported at 1080i. In addition, the output vertical-refresh-rate and the aspect ratio are programmable.

Each input has four unique input calibrations and, optionally, there are up to eight independent output configurations. This extreme flexibility could allow you to use the unit with a plasma during the day and your projector in the evening with optimum set up available for both.

For displays that require a specific sync polarity, discrete sync signals can optionally be converted to the same polarity as the internally generated sync outputs.

Key Features:

  • HD analog/digital inputs with transcoding and scaling
  • SD analog/digital inputs transcoding, with per-pixel deinterlacing and scaling
  • Accepts RGBwithComposite sync from Sky/Freeview boxes
  • User adjustable image enhancement
  • Transcode Component and RGB analog HD sources to DVI-D
  • Component and DVI inputs auto-switch between SD and HD source modes
  • DVI input accepts 480i, 576i, 1080i and 480p to 720p input formats
  • Source aspect ratio selectable as 4:3, letter-box, 16:9 and 1.85
  • Programmable output aspect ratio from 1.33 to 2.35
  • Zoom in any source up to 33%
  • RS232 interface for field upgradeability and control
  • NTSC, PAL and SECAM auto-detection
  • Programmable output resolution from 480p to 720p, plus 1080i
  • Four configuration memories per input
  • All setup parameters are unique for each memory
  • Input-cropping, black, contrast, color and hue setup
  • Adjustable non-linear stretch display mode
  • Y/C-delay calibration
  • Multipoint grayscale calibration
  • Gamma calibration
  • CUE and ICP filtering
  • Extensive suite of built-in test patterns
  • Programmable input and output color-space
  • 2:2, 3:2, 3:3 pull-down for film sources

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