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Forum: VisionDVI/HDP and HDP Pro User Support
 Topic: HDP Pro with Mede8er med600x3d mediaplayer
HDP Pro with Mede8er med600x3d mediaplayer Fri, 23 June 2017 09:14
movie_fan is currently offline movie_fan
Messages: 58
Registered: October 2007
Location: Germany

has anyone managed to get a Mede8er med600x3d mediaplayer working correctly with a HDP Pro through DVI?

The med600x3d is configured to 1080i60. Menus are displayed right, but when playing a movie through it I get picture dropouts and purple/pink tint.

The med600x3d doesn't have a way of setting the colorspace to RGB. A PS3 and a Popcorn Hour A400 show no problems whatsoever (RGB can be set there).

Thanks in advance!


Oppo BDP80; Toshiba EP30; PS3; HTPC; Radiance XD; Sony HW10;
 Topic: FW update problem with Windows 8
FW update problem with Windows 8 Tue, 14 May 2013 18:40
Mike_WI is currently offline Mike_WI
Messages: 15
Registered: September 2009
Location: SE WI
Junior Member
(cross posted at AVS Forum) - t-thread/1200#post_23314464

Are the Lumagen Radiance firmware programs compatible with Windows 8?

I updated my laptop to Win 8 Pro 64 bit and just tried to update my Lumagen Radiance XE and was unable to.
I did the unplug and plug back in and hit start after 10 seconds, etc.

I am using a serial to USB cable. There wasn't a problem with prior OS (Win 7 I think) with the cable.

Thanks for any help.


 Topic: HDQ: sparkles on analogue inputs
HDQ: sparkles on analogue inputs Mon, 22 April 2013 22:37
Fudoh is currently offline Fudoh
Messages: 20
Registered: November 2009
Junior Member
I recently acquired another HDQ for another setup of mine. The unit exhibits sparkles when using the two analogue component inputs (tried both). White dots on black and black dots on white. Rarely colored ones.

After a reset with the output resolution set to 480p I don't see them, but they're obvious once the unit is set to 1080p output.

What I did: changed the HDMI cable, did a forced FW update, tried adjusting the sync-sensing level (0944) , re-calibrated the input (0966).

The sparkles are not present on the digital inputs. On the analogue inputs they're stronger with 480p input than with 480i signals.

And now the funny thing: if I use the same source, but set it to RGsB (Sync on Green) instead of YCbCr (same 31khz, 480p signal), the sparkles are 100% gone. (When I leave the source in YCbCr mode, but set the HDQ to RGsB, they're gone as well, but of course the colors are wrong then).

I got another HDQ which doesn't show these, also a ProHDP, also without them. I know, an old machine, but maybe there's somthing I missed. Any ideas ? Any help is of course highly appreciated !

Thanks !!

[Updated on: Mon, 22 April 2013 22:38]

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 Topic: Black screen every 10 minutes
Black screen every 10 minutes Mon, 17 December 2012 20:28
corleone88 is currently offline corleone88
Messages: 29
Registered: June 2009
Junior Member

I have my HDQ outputting 1080i@96 and every about 10 minutes, it seems to lost synchronization and displays a black screen for 1 or 2 seconds and then goes back to normal. At 1080i@72, I don't have the problem. I am connected to a Barco 808 via HDMI input card.
That's shame because the picture at 96Hz is amazing.
Thanks for your help
 Topic: No yellow color on my HDQ ! (pictures)
No yellow color on my HDQ ! (pictures) Fri, 30 December 2011 00:11
choukard is currently offline choukard
Messages: 1
Registered: December 2011
Junior Member

I have a problem with my HDQ and I can't solve it. With DVI output, there's no problem but with RGBHV output, colors are not good and yellow color become black or dark brown. It is not a display problem because I try on several and always the same thing.

Anybody have the same problem ?

With RGBHV output, no yellow (popcorn C200 menu)

With DVI output, it's OK (sorry, picture is not very good)
 Topic: old HDP set up question
old HDP set up question Sat, 30 October 2010 13:14
webmst is currently offline webmst
Messages: 6
Registered: May 2006
Junior Member
Hi all,
I talked to Gordon yesterday and was wondering if any body else could shed any light:
I have a HDP (last version of software installed)
It operates to a moome DVI in a Sony 1292 (yes i still have the same unit as featured in the calibration DVD I produced for Graham !!) to deliver good 1080p from a Panasonic BDP35 BD player's 1080p24 output and an Oppo SD player's SDI output.
So all fine............

Then I added a Moome V2 HDMI card for some fun and pain + suffering has followed (heehee)!!
I can get the SD oppo via HDMI direclty to the V2 Moome to throw a great 1080p picture. Much improved over the Moome DVI card perfromance I might add....
But the HDP will not talk to the V2 at all; no matter what settings I try (I think I have tried them all!!!)
The Panasonic BDP 35 BD player will not talk to the V2 correctly - it throws the wrong scaled image (I think it looks like 576p is being pushed by the BD when hookd up directly to the Moome V2 HDMI card) We're in PAL land here in Australia of course so I am using 47."something" input frquency on the 1292 with 1080p which looks fine.
So has anyone got their exact settings on a HDP to connect 100% to a Moome V2? This is not the recent version with mods to force connection. I have contacted Moome and with send it back to him if I cannot find an answer.
If in fact there is no answer I'll do that anyway and maybe see if I can get an early V3 card from him instead.
But I would like to make this current setup work first if I can, so any help would be great appreciated!!
Matthew O'Sullivan
Hope any CRT'er's out there that got the DVD from Graham enjoyed it and found it useful !!
 Topic: BD Player vs HDP vs PJ Resolution (Help?)
BD Player vs HDP vs PJ Resolution (Help?) Sun, 10 January 2010 18:50
Arno P is currently offline Arno P
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2009
Junior Member
Long time no see Wink Which is a good thing indicating that my set up has been running flawlessly ...up till now.

I got a Marquee 9500LC, Sony BDP550 and a Lumagen HDP.

I noticed there was some sync problem during start up sometimes and I figured that perhaps the settings were changed a bit, including the firmware updates of the sony.

So I started to check each bit and the PJ is ok, accepting the 1080p 59.94Hz what the scaler is sending out. So far so good.
However, when pushing the "display" button of the Sony, it shows the HD audio and Resolution while playing a BD disk and it says 480i :roll:

So, let's set the BD player res to ...1080i....low enough for the input of the Lumagen and high enough to capture the full BD resolution-data (right?)
The player seems to be trying to output 1080i when I set the player to "auto" so something is indicating the scalerinput can have 1080i (no?) result, except for the player to go back to lower resolutions as 480i (can also do 480p/720p).

I am puzzled now, since previously when I pushed the "display" button of the BD player it did mention 1080p/24

Anyone got an idea what is wrong and what can be done?


 Topic: Please delete-operator error-my bad
Please delete-operator error-my bad Sat, 15 August 2009 12:41
picree is currently offline picree
Messages: 3
Registered: August 2009
Junior Member
Moderator please delete...tks

[Updated on: Sun, 16 August 2009 18:04]

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 Topic: DVE HD - Clipping Green Stair Step?
DVE HD - Clipping Green Stair Step? Tue, 17 March 2009 20:56
htland is currently offline htland
Messages: 4
Registered: August 2007
Junior Member
I have looked at the DVE HD "GREEN" stair step pattern and have clipping at the 95 ire and above.

However when I look at the DVE HD "GRAY" stair step pattern (I have a front CRT projector and can turn off blue and red guns to leave Green on) I see no clipping.

Shouldn’t these two patterns show identical?

Is the DVE HD "GREEN" stair step pattern somehow different? Maybe recorded at higher levels?????

Which would be the correct one to look at in regards to clipping green?

My equipment is:
Toshiba XA2 HD DVD player
Lumangen HDP - just upgraded to lastest software
Sony G90 front CRT projector
Sony 550 Blu Ray Player

 Topic: IR remote control problems...
IR remote control problems... Tue, 03 February 2009 19:20
ChrisN is currently offline ChrisN
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2009
Junior Member
I'm having a rather strange problem with my HDP.

It worked fine for the first couple of days then suddenly stopped responding to IR commands from my Harmony and from it's own remote. Tried RS232 from my laptop which worked but whatever I did I couldn't get the remote working again.
As a last resort I reloaded the firmware and both remotes started working again.

A couple of days later (tonight) and it will not respond via IR again, hooked up the RS232 to get the TV working and RS232 is fine but, still no IR...

Anybody got any ideas as to what might be causing the problem? I'm running the latest firmware and hoping it's not a faulty IR receiver - I've only had it a week!! Confused
 Topic: Blu-ray Audio and Video via HDMI
Blu-ray Audio and Video via HDMI Sat, 22 November 2008 20:17
Thimboteous is currently offline Thimboteous
Messages: 3
Registered: November 2008
Junior Member
Is there a way to send BDP-S550 video in YCbCr4:4:4 via HDMI to the HDP as while also sending HD Multichannel Audio via HDMI to my AVR? So far, it seems I can have one or the other, but not both, since my AVR (and DVD, cable box...) convert all video with a DVI involved to RGB.

Option 1: Blu-ray to AVR to HDP = HD (HDMI) audio, but with RGB video. I believe I’ve tried every EDID option/combination on the HDP to no avail.

Option 2: Blu-ray to HDP = YCbCr 4:4:4, but with Analog Audio from the BD to AVR. Analog audio equals loss of AVR audio management such as Audyssey…

Note: I’ve tried an HDMI splitter/switch, but have only managed to get 2-channel audio to the AVR.

Lastly, if DVI is the issue here, why do all the Lumagens; save the Radiance, use it instead of HDMI?

 Topic: RS232 Zoom Command for Lumagen VisionProHDP
RS232 Zoom Command for Lumagen VisionProHDP Sun, 19 October 2008 08:02
big blue is currently offline big blue
Messages: 17
Registered: January 2005
Location: Switzerland
Junior Member
My Lumagen works fine over RS232 using all commands descripted here

but I have 2 Zoom commands I did not work out so far.

Arrow ^ on the original remote control zooms the picture up by 5%
Arrow v on the original remote control zooms the picture down by 5%

If I am using the same commands over RS232, I do not get any reaction at all on the zoom of my picture.

Anyone have a clue ?


I found the answer, sorry for asking:

New rs232 commands in the 071706 sw:
"ZY0M" : This sets the zoom factor to M, where M can be 0-2 (or 0-7 if zoom set for 5% steps).

[Updated on: Sun, 19 October 2008 08:13]

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 Topic: CMS with Lumagen HDP
CMS with Lumagen HDP Sat, 27 September 2008 18:58
bgosselin is currently offline bgosselin
Messages: 7
Registered: June 2006
Location: Montreal
Junior Member
I try to correct the colors of my RS2 with a lumagen HDP without real success. I did read the Lumagen note but it's not oriented to people that have a calibration system. I have a CA6x from progressive labs and also Calman with the ionepro probe.

Any body can help me with that?

First I used a Digital Video Essential HD for the different test pattern needed. Do I understand correctly that I need to display the 75% colors windows (not the 100%) to help me calibrate the colors?

The different control available don't seem to do the trick. If you know a thread here on AVS that could point out the step by step process it will be appreciated.

I've been able to get the colors closer to the triangle x,y coordinate but Y is compleatly off when I do that.

 Topic: Thank you, Lumagen people!
icon7.gif  Thank you, Lumagen people! Wed, 30 July 2008 10:11
Messages: 76
Registered: February 2008
Location: Emily's shop
Got the new firmware last night, and it's lovely having 4:3 aspect ratio working correctly. Very Happy
 Topic: Lumagen HDP or HD-XE1 de-interlacing?
Lumagen HDP or HD-XE1 de-interlacing? Fri, 11 July 2008 16:38
lscolman is currently offline lscolman
Messages: 266
Registered: January 2005
Location: North East England, UK
Lumagen Expert

Has anyone with the above player done any comparisons to see whether it is better to have the XE1 do the de-interlacing?

I have this player to replace my Denon 2900 SDI player for DVD playback, so would be interested to hear other's findings...

Cheers, Lee

Lumagen Vision HDQ and DVDO Edge

Panasonic PF10 50" Plasma
Hitachi TX-200 projector
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