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Forum: Radiance XD User Support
 Topic: Video Artifact - Radiance XD
Video Artifact - Radiance XD Tue, 29 January 2019 11:11
JimM is currently offline JimM
Messages: 89
Registered: July 2007
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Experiencing video distortion using JVC projector that happened after the house had a power outage.

This is what it looks like:

I can try to flash the firmware. I suspect maybe the video processing circuit board...

Has anyone seen this before? Would like to get it fixed.

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 Topic: New Computer - No COMMUNICATION with Radiance Pro
New Computer - No COMMUNICATION with Radiance Pro Wed, 19 December 2018 22:27
Doug Blackburn is currently offline Doug Blackburn
Messages: 239
Registered: January 2009
Location: Colorado
Senior Member
Been using Radiance Pro for several years. Old computer died. New computer has USB 3.1 ports and 2.0 ports. Tried both with R.Pro. Computer "sees" me connect the USB cable and it sets the COM port each time I connect the cable. Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 comparable to new Intel i7 processor (with AMD motherboard, not Intel like previous computer).

Getting Unable to connect with Radiance Pro error when trying to update R.Pro firmware.

Using the same 15-foot USB cable with R.Pro that worked fine with previous computer.

Have R.Pro firmware from October 2018 installed and cannot update firmware without communication with R.Pro.

Went to COM port properties and raised speed to maximum (had defaulted to 9600 8 N 1) on the new computer.

Suggestions about what to try next?

I had an ftdi driver installed on the other computer, not sure if it is present on this computer or not... does not "announce" itself like it did on previous computer.

[Updated on: Wed, 19 December 2018 22:30]

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 Topic: XD not responding, slow flashing red light
XD not responding, slow flashing red light Tue, 10 April 2018 12:21
tyke is currently offline tyke
Messages: 13
Registered: June 2007
Location: Scotland
Junior Member

I wondered if anyone has encounter this issue.

I have a Radiance XD, worked fine for years although not used a lot, today I went to use it and there was no response from the remote (the remote lights up well and appears to be working fine), I unplugged it, left it a short time and plugged it back in.

The left light flashes very slowly red for a split second then green.

Any advice would be welcome..
 Topic: Radiance xd+ and blinking picture
Radiance xd+ and blinking picture Mon, 09 April 2018 08:18
corleone88 is currently offline corleone88
Messages: 30
Registered: June 2009
Junior Member

I use my Radiance XD+ with an OPPO-103 and a Barco BG 1209s CRT projector. I output 1080p72 with the XD+ and everything worked fine. But I decided to calibrate the radiance (and first I updated it with the latest firmware 012515 because I had previously the 103114 version) with a Display 3 and Chromapure ( I used the autocal option. The autocal process went fine and the report showed very good results. And then I started having issues (because of autocal or firmware update?) when I put a Bluray: the Barco started to have problem getting the frequency right. I had 50Hz, then 60Hz, 50Hz and at the end I had 72Hz displayed. The picture looked stable on the Bluray menu but completly washed out (like very highly constrasted even if on the Barco the Contrast was set to 58 out of 1000). Then, I started the movie and the picture blinked almost every seconds until I switched off everything.I would like to reset the Factory settings but I am not sure that the options that I have (XD+ with 1080p 72Hz feature) will be removed as well. Thanks for your help.

[Updated on: Mon, 09 April 2018 10:08]

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 Topic: Loss of audio from DVD player on XD
Loss of audio from DVD player on XD Sun, 19 November 2017 14:41
slack is currently offline slack
Messages: 71
Registered: November 2007
Location: Columbia, Md
I recently changed my XD configuration to the standard HDMI 2 out to projector, HDMI 1 to AVR for audio only. Due to some other issues, I had to reset my XD & my new PC can't read my old config file. So l am starting from scratch. I have set the outputs on all HDMI inputs to the standard output configuration above. My cable box audio works fine regardless of port. The disc audio on my Oppo 103 and my Sony DVD work initially, then the signal is lost on both. When I use the front USB port for Roku, audio works fine. It's just the audio signal from discs that drops out. I'm guessing this is a setup problem since it only started since I reset the XD and it happens on both DVD players. Any ideas on where to start looking?

Update: I went back to my old physical connections which seems to fix the problem, but now I cannot get my XD settings right to display 2.35 with the lens. Everything is stretched (too fat) & the edges are truncated when I switch to 2.35. I'd appreciate any ideas on what settings I need in the Radiance.

[Updated on: Sun, 19 November 2017 20:59]

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 Topic: Radiance XS and JVCRS500 to fit 2.35 movie onto 16:9 screen
Radiance XS and JVCRS500 to fit 2.35 movie onto 16:9 screen Tue, 26 September 2017 03:03
htland is currently offline htland
Messages: 5
Registered: August 2007
Junior Member
What are the procedures to get a 2.35 movie onto my 16:9 screen as either

1. To make it so that no black bars are showing on the top and bottom of screen and keeping same 2.35 ratio for movie. Advantage here is that the top and bottom parts of my screen at not lite up by my PJ so that they look darker in my dark HT room.


2. Properly stretch the 2.35 movie so that if fills my 16:9 screen. Although I do not think this will look right unless some how NLS can be used for this?

 Topic: Adding video delay
Adding video delay Thu, 07 September 2017 11:56
MadScientist is currently offline MadScientist
Messages: 14
Registered: September 2012
Location: UK
Junior Member
I have an unusual lipsync problem in that the video is slighly ahead of the audio. The chain is Amazon Fire-Processor-Lumagen XS-display. Is there any way to introduce a video delay via my Lumagen XS into the chain? If not, any other suggestions? The lipsync error is quite small but I would like to sort it if possible. My Processor (Trinnov Altitude32) doesn't support -ve delay values and there's not an adjustable audio delay elsewhere in the chain. Thanks.
 Topic: New projector, older VP
New projector, older VP Tue, 05 September 2017 17:12
slack is currently offline slack
Messages: 71
Registered: November 2007
Location: Columbia, Md
I am upgrading to the Epson 5040UB projector which uses e-shift to upcovert & display non- UHD source material to near UHD quality. I know the XD won't process UHD material from UHD sources, but will it work with non-UHD source material on the Epson 5040UB 1080p projector that uses e-shift?
 Topic: Home Theater Upgrade
Home Theater Upgrade Thu, 12 January 2017 22:19
slack is currently offline slack
Messages: 71
Registered: November 2007
Location: Columbia, Md
I own the original XD and I'm considering replacing my JVC RS-1 with a newer 4k projector (e-shift 4k) that supports 3D & a new A/V receiver that supports Dolby Atmos & the new DTS option. I understand that my XD will not support 3D, Atmos, etc., & 4k without an upgrade to the Pro series, so I only want to know if I can use it for auto calibration with the appropriate software or will it be totally useless now.
 Topic: Radiance Pro 18 GHz Output Card
Radiance Pro 18 GHz Output Card Thu, 22 December 2016 04:06
Messages: 1378
Registered: November 2004
Location: Beaverton Oregon, USA
Lumagen Expert
Lumagen Guru
The Radiance Pro 18 GHz Output Card is now available for order and we should start shipments this week.

The 18 GHz output is not needed for 24 Hertz content, from a well designed source, even if HDR.

However, if you want HDR at 60 Hertz (games and poorly done streamers that won't output 24 Hertz source as 24 Hertz, then you need both the 18 GHz input and the 18 GHz output.

The 18 GHz output has one audio/video 18 GHz output (even output) and one audio only output (odd output).

The retail price for this card as a retrofit is $500, with a $100 trade-in credit if you trade in a 9 GHz output card.

If you have an interest please contact your dealer, or in Europe contact Gordon, or email us as

Jim Peterson
 Topic: Testimonials wanted
Testimonials wanted Wed, 13 April 2016 22:46
Messages: 1378
Registered: November 2004
Location: Beaverton Oregon, USA
Lumagen Expert
Lumagen Guru
We are trying to refresh our customer testimonial pool. If you are willing to share your comments on the Radiance, or Radiance Pro, we would certainly appreciate your participation in helping us promote Lumagen products.

If you are willing please email your comments to

Jim Peterson

[Updated on: Thu, 16 June 2016 06:35]

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 Topic: RADIANCE owners upgrade to Radiance Pro OPTIONS
RADIANCE owners upgrade to Radiance Pro OPTIONS Sat, 06 February 2016 12:25
Gordon, Convergent-AV is currently offline Gordon, Convergent-AV
Messages: 1643
Registered: October 2004
Location: UK
Lumagen Expert
Convergent AV
Just wanted to note that anyone who is a current Radiance owner still has a chance to upgrade to a Radiance Pro for signifcant savings while in this beta phase of software. In EU or outside of North America please contact me directly for pricing

make sure to let me know model you are interested in and what current Radiance you own.

Distributor of Lumagen products in EU
 Topic: Crop & Resize options - Possible bug?
Crop & Resize options - Possible bug? Wed, 26 August 2015 13:00
SurfDrifter is currently offline SurfDrifter
Messages: 4
Registered: July 2015
Junior Member

Currently I have a Lumagen Mini-3D with a 16:9 screen and a DIY masking system that scolls from the top of the screen, so I can make any aspect ratio I want.

So I have created 2 Vertical Shift sets that move the picture to the bottom of the screen.
One for 1:2.35 and one for 1:2.40 movies and assigned them to different memories.

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a scope screen on the near future without any use of anamorphic screen.

I want to decide which screen would be better for my needs, a 2:35 or a 2:40 screen, because I want to accomplish these without memory lens with CIH:

1) Display 16:9 material in the center of the scope screen with pillabox
2) Display scope movies (either 2.35 or 2.40) to fit exactly the scope screen.

I know that I hate black bars even tiny ones and overspill, so I prefer to crop some lines from left/right or top/bottom rather than see letterboxes in m scope movies

So, I went to do some tests.

1) I created a 2:40 AR with my masking system and have shifted the image to the bottom.

The 2:40 movies will play 1:1 in the screen area and for the 2:35 movies I just added a Top Mask (since I have vertical shifted the image to the bottom) to prevent the overspill from the top. Probably, as a personal preferation, I would rather crop more line from the bottom, rather from the top, to avoid cutting foreheads from really close up shots.

I think though that I have to crop 16:9 screen also to fit the height, unless I can increase the Shrink % from value 24 that I have now on the top. I forgot to check this.

2) I created a 2:35 AR with my masking system and have shifted the image to the bottom.

The 2:35 movies will play 1:1 in the screen area.

For the 2:40 movies, what I effectively want to achieve is to actually zoom the 2:40, exactly to fit the image height of the 2:35 screen and actually lose the some lines from Left/Right.
The zoom function of 5% is not precise and you lose lines from the top too.

So, I went to Crop function of the Lumagen and cropped the Top Lines to exactly remove the small letterbox, did the same from the Bottom, but now since the image was distorted (Stretched vertically), I chose to crop the same amount of lines From Left and Right so as to maintain the correct geometry of the picture.

Well, that was the plan, because the croping function didn't work at all well, and while I was increasing the values to one of the 4 choices, the image didn't respond. Only after a few clicks, I could see a sudden change on the crop/resize function and whilst doing that I could see a small portion the left side of the picture, being shifted to the right side.

If, I'm not describing the problems of the functions correctly, I can make a video of it, which will demostrate easily the problems. I'm pretty sure that this function is kind of broken.

Any suggestions?

 Topic: 2143 4K Upscaling
2143 4K Upscaling Thu, 19 March 2015 14:08
Citation4444 is currently offline Citation4444
Messages: 185
Registered: February 2007
Senior Member
I just bought a Radiance 2143 to replace my 2042 and would like to particularly recommend it, especially for its 4K upscaling performance. It upscales to 4K60 and my Epson LS10000 gives me the best image IMO that I've seen on this projector thus far. Very sharp image. Before my upscaling to quasi 4K was done with either the projector's 4K e-shift enhancements, my Denon 4520 (which upscales to 4K30) or my Radiance 2042 (which also upscales to 4K30), none of which were good enough for me, so much so that I've been watching with no enhancements at all. Now, I will definitely watch everything using the 4K60 upscaling of the 2143. I'm very pleased with it.
 Topic: Is there a name for this visual effect?
Is there a name for this visual effect? Thu, 27 November 2014 07:11
Non-registered guest

I've noticed an interesting visual effect that I sometimes enjoy watching and wonder if there is a name for it.

When watching the output of a DirecTV receiver who's output is 1080i and I allow the Lumagen 2143 to convert to 1080p and there is motion differential between the fore and background information, the displayed information seems to take on a sort of 3D effect where there is a distinct difference in "depth" between the central and background information. The presentation seems almost surreal.

I know I did not do a good job of explaining what I am seeing but I am wondering if there is a term that describes what I am seeing when the Lumagen changes the video signal from 1080i to 1080p? Surely it can't be something as simple as "deinterlacing" but who knows.

Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

[Updated on: Thu, 27 November 2014 07:12]

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